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Metallurgy, Ultra Pure Materials

High temperature resistance, inert behavior, good thermal conductivity and high purity are some characteristics of glassy carbon which are advantageous when used as a material for vessels in metallurgy, monocrystal growth and ultrapure materials technology. The vessels can be used as susceptors in induction furnaces. Dental metal melting technology, zone melting of semiconductor components, gallium arsenide synthesis, monocrystal growth by the Bridgman or Czochralsky method and the synthesis of fluorescent compounds are a few typical industrial applications.

Melting vessels of SIGRADUR® show a demolding with a very high surface quality, no contamination by foreign elements and due to the hardness and wear resistance no carbon traces in the melting substance. Metal melts which do not form carbides have no wetting effect on SIGRADUR®. Its good thermal shock resistance allows rapid heating and cooling times and red-hot crucibles do not crack when placed on cold surfaces.